CUBE Services

DATA Analytics

Every day we track massive amounts of data in our organisations. But how do we get to that piece of the information that is truly relevant to us and helps us to drive growth?

CUBE can assist to organise your information and folding it into processes that truly helps you to drive your business more effectively.

DATA: So much information that hits you every second of your life – even before you were born. You are still in your mother’s womb and already hear . voices . feel . touches . the warm . the cold ….
Information HIT your nerves, your brain. An article by Forbes states that Data is growing faster than ever before and by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.

Which makes it extremely important to at least know the basics of the field. After all, here is where our future lies. Wanting information and wanting more and more of it is in us ever since. Computing this information (…and let’s be honest – to our very own advantage.) is just in us and we are longing for it.

Revenue Management

CUBE can demystify Revenue Management for you and with a few simple tricks set you on track to drive revenue market share with you!


Running a successful organisation does not simply involve selling as much inventory as possible in a kind of random first-come-first-served way with a 'hope for the best' possible results on any given day. It also dies not mean achieving the highest rate and therefore be perceived as ‘yielding’ will deliver an optimal outcome. We often also focus a lot on those (often few) busy nights where we ‘cream’ the market and enjoy excellent results. Sure – it is exciting!

The key to achieving sustained success however is to be hard working, organised and to work to a well-orchestrated strategy formulated and managed by experienced professionals – on any day busy or not.In fact, it is often those not so busy nights that added together are responsible to for the largest revenue share. But it is on these days where it is most complicated to optimize. What do I price? How low do I go to secure a group? Does a low rate account give me higher profits or do I displace business during high season?

Let CUBE assist you on your journey to accurately forecast, optimize your pricing and drive market share.

Process Optimization

CUBE will help you to sharpen your processes and maximise efficiencies! The discipline of adjusting a process so to optimize some specified set of parameters without violating some constraint is key to drive change and optimize sustainable results.


The most common goals are minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency. This is one of the major quantitative tools in decision making. When optimizing a process, the goal is to maximize one or more of the process specifications, while keeping all others within their constraints. This can be done by discovering the critical activities and bottlenecks and acting on them. CUBE will assist you with the required gap analysis to uncover those and to adjust the processes accordingly.

Another major part to drive efficiencies is the usage of the ‘right’ technology. This is not to be misunderstand as a means to save cost (in particular in labour) but to help your organisation to become more effective and forward looking, faster to market and to drive market share and profits.

Have the courage to do things different and better then your competition. CUBE will join you on this journey of change that leads to success!

Market Feasibility Study

CUBE will, together with or on behalf of your development team conduct an in depth Market Feasibility Study, including the most complete research on demographic trends and the marketing environment that determine the success of your development.


If we are not open to change and adopt, somebody else will and we will soon fall short of our capabilities. CUBE will guide you on your path of change that leads higher success.


Like the basic law of evolution, it is the ability to adopt to get stronger and not only survive but to grow beyond one’s own expectations. We must never stand still and become complacent with the current situation. Do not think of what always worked will always work. And don’t believe that your neighbour the competition is always right.

Open Your Mind

Embrace new ideas, be open to change, take the future in your hands and shape it! BREAK what (perceivably) ‘works’. Be courage and question the processes and structures in place. Just because it seems to work on the surface and delivers somewhat satisfactory results does not mean that there isn’t an even bigger and brighter future out there!

Sometimes to have the guts to break something and reconstruct it is refreshing, delivers new perspectives and opens a whole new world of new opportunities and will driver better results.