Think CUBE!

“The senses deform, the mind forms.”

~ George Braque

Cubism was a revolutionary new art form at the beginning of the 20th century, breaking objects and figures down into distinct areas. The artists aimed to show different viewpoints at the same time and within the same space and so suggest their three-dimensional form. George Braque was instrumental in the development of cubism. It is termed analytical cubism because of its structured dissection of the subject, resulting in a fragmentary image of multiple viewpoints and overlapping planes.

‘CUBIST’ is a visionary approach that leverages business intelligence to a new level of precise, meaningful and user-friendly analytics of data. CUBIST follows a best-of-breed approach that combines capabilities of business intelligence, semantic technologies, and visual analytics.”

Data is the key to create more relevancy in pricing, marketing and selling strategies and to convert information to effective marketing strategies thus driving profits.For both the hospitality, travel and retail industries, there is a need for better usage of data and consumer insights. Hotels, cruise lines, shopping malls and many other brands can appear the same, so must continuously develop new experiences, whether in a guest room, the dining and the meetings facilities, or shopping. In order to create a cutting-edge consumer behaviour must be monitored and fully understood before going to market.

When analysing information or data, one must always stay result oriented with a precise vison and goal in mind to avoid analysis paralysis. Analysis is complex. It is important to fully understand and embrace the connections of different data points and its dimensions. You must understand your existing business better. Therefore, look inside your ‘box’ or ‘CUBE’ first. That will help you to uncover gaps and venture for new opportunities of untapped business driving profits.Then think outside of the box! Search for those missing pieces that allow you to grow and drive and eventually move you beyond your expectations.

CUBE will assist you in this exciting journey. We will teach you and your teams about the importance of data, how to drill down to what is revenant to you. We assist you to evaluate data analytics tools available in the market to establish a customized solution that works for you and allows you to drive change and be better and faster then your competition.